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We are Alex Burns-Miller who as an artist goes by Elias (Formerly known as Galexy), and Itay Lerner. We live in Portland Oregon and are a hip-hop duo. Elias is a rapper/singer/producer and Itay is a producer/manager/engineer, sort of a right hand man.

Q: How did you find interest in your talent?
A: Elias recorded his first song in the beginning of sophomore year and says it just felt right. “I was way more able to express myself on paper and then through a microphone, later on I experimented with production as well.” Itay started making beats around the same time just through a love of music, but was really put onto it by another producer, an older student from his high school.

Q: When did you start pursuing it as a career or more seriously?
A: We have always taken our music seriously, but it first became a career when we realized we weren’t just doing it for ourselves, after the realization that other people were vibin’ with it, it became a more than just a hobby.

Q: Goals you wish to reach within your industry?
A: Allow people to experience something more than just music, we want people to know they are listening to something new and different and progressive when they hear my music. We are really making our own lane, no one else sounds like us.

Q: Who are your influences?
A: Elias is influenced by anyone who does it different as well as any game changers like Kanye, Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie, Wale, Kid Cudi, Kendrick. Itay is a big fan of instrumental producers such as Pharell, 9th Wonder, Kanye and Scott Storch.

Q: What’s your favorite music off the top of your head? And genre?
A: Both love smooth rap or R&B like Dom Keneddy style or Frank Ocean. We are also big fans of jazz, and really anything that evokes strong emotion.

Q: Favorite weather? Food? Movie? Month?
A: Elias likes Sunny Weather, Chinese take out, and August.
Itay likes sunny whether any nice home-cooked meal and September.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: Galexy sees himself working somewhere in the music industry, If not as an artist then as a manager or consultant. I will always be writing or producing.
Itay wants to start off producing and hopefully building enough of a name in the industry to eventually start his own record label. In 5 years he hopes to be producing for big names in the industry and hopefully still be part of the duo with Elias.

Q: What have work have you released so far?
First Mixtape: “The Burnside Chronicles” (click link for FREE Download)
Second Mixtape: “Passion” (clink link for FREE Download)

NEW PROJECT “Late Nights & Garden Buds” FREE Download!

Watch the “Y’all Want It” Music Video from Passion

Q: Who would you want to collaborate with?
A: Elias says he would like to work with anyone who’s got that passion for good music and a strive for success.Specifically Sabzi of Common Market/Blue Scholars.
Itay is a big fan of Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy bang and would love to work with him as well as several other upcoming artists such as Casie Veggies, Dom Kennedy and Mac Miller.

Q: What makes you different from other music groups?
A: All of our songs are written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered all within our group. In addition we do videos and visuals. Artistically we have no real boundaries, we are not confined by the normal constraints of music because are always trying to perfect a progressive sound.

Q:Dream venue to perform at?
A: We would obviously love to preform at the major venues such as Madison Square Garden, but we would really love to perform at the Roseland Theater. Its not big or glamorous, but Its a great place and its where most artists perform in our hometown.

Q: Upcoming moves or plans?
Q: we currently have a lot of business in the very near future including multiple solo musical projects as well as collaborations. We have very big news for the very near future!

Q: With Uphustle what do you wish to do?
A: We hope to promote each other and build off each others growing fan bases, as well as just have fun making great music and awesome clothes.

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