Q: Tell us who you are and what your talent is?
A: I’m Anthony Hernandez, From Irvine, CA
I Skateboard

Q: How long have you been skating?
A: A year and a half

Q: How did you find interest in skating?
A: I found interest through X-Games

Q: What do you wish to accomplish with your talent?
A: Be a pro skater

Q: Who are your inspirations?
A: Chaz Ortiz

Q: Favorite Music?
A: Wiz Khalifa

Q: Favorite Weather/Food/Movie/Month?
A: Sunny, Mexican, Hangover, February

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: Hopefully a pro skater

Q: Dream place to skate?
A: The Berrics

Q: Who would you want to skate with if you had the chance?
A: A sesh with Chaz Ortiz

Q: What do you wish to do with Uphustle?
A: Promote the team and get known more


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