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Happy Belated 4th of July! We hope you had a fun and safe night watching your local fireworks.

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Yesterday, beatmaker/producer/engineer Itay Lerner of Blue Pointe Productions informed me that the project him and Elias have been working (See Previous Article) on would drop later in the evening. At 7:00 pm, he messaged me it had just dropped. The summer oriented, 15 track album entitled “Rosé” did not disappoint. The album can be downloaded on HERE, through Elias’ Bandcamp account. It can be downloaded for FREE if you input $0.00, but please if you are able to, do your best to support these guys! The album is brought to you by The Epiphonix (Elias and Itay) and Blue Pointe Productions.

If you’ve been sleeping on them, you better get yourself antiquated.

The Tracklist

  1. One Life (Prod. Oscar Freely)
  2. Bambino (Prod. by Mr. Mayes)
  3. English ft. Chip Locke (Street Talkin’)
  4. Just A Little Lovin’ ft. Millsz
  5. All these Words (Prod. by Lius Fader)
  6. Abe Lincoln (Prod. by Rams)
  7. Fight The Power ft. Wes Guy (Prod. by Rams)
  8. Goddamn (Prod. by Rams)
  9. Daily Routine
  10. The Equinox (Prod. by Lil Cabey)
  11. L.O.V.E. (Prod. by Daniel Scenery)
  12. Animal (Prod. by Rams)
  13. Way of Thought (Prod. by Mr.Procheck)
  14. Beef Stroganoff (Prod. by JocTheProducer)
  15. Dollars & Change (Prod. by Apollo Gold)

Start from “One Life” to “Dollars & Change” and you will pick up motifs of ambition, overcoming struggles and social adversity, success, and transitioning from adolescence to adulthood of Elias’ recent life. For a hip-hop artist, his lyrical style handles, if not MURDERS the beat, and still packed with content and is only 18. This ambitious content and success-based mindset needs to spread to influence the upcoming generations. Other than the positive vibes, it is clear Elias composed material based on personal topics about his life. Regardless of what mood the lyrics give off, each track is  accompanied by an appropriate beat. You might even be caught off guard by some, because they have SLAP! The songs with features should definitely be paid attention too as well. Every track serves its own purpose while still complementing the album was a whole. This album is complete fire based on the composition, production quality, and artist creativity. You will realize the project is light years beyond  anything mainstream the way Elias and Itay are stepping out of their industry’s comfort zone. They are going to be one of the music groups responsible  for putting Portland on the map as an outlet of hip-hop music.

If you have not yet heard their previous work “Late Nights & Garden Buds” please click HERE to get a FREE Download! His Facebook Page and the Blue Pointe Productions Website.

Leave some feedback for the group below!

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