Yesterday, the talented Elias released a new single called “Nada.” This is one track out of more than a dozen unreleased songs that the Epiphonix (Musician Elias and Engineer Itay) have been working on since the release of the summer album “Rosé.”  Click the cover to  art to listen to “Nada.” A very smooth track with a rally-like hook that will really catch your ear.

“I call the shots no squabbling, You still lookin’ up from the bottom.” – ELIAS

Nada Cover

Along with this single release, the boys at Epiphonix are already filming and finishing up the official music video for “Animal,” a very “in-your-face” and reassuring track of  Elias’ lyrical ambition and talent.  Even not too long ago, Elias dropped another single just after the release of Rosé, titled “Questions,” which he “attacks the issues of genesis and understanding of the uncontrollable aspects of life.” Before this, the “Dollars & Change,” music video was released.

BIG NEWS: Elias and Itay are throwing their own end of summer garden concert called “EpiFest.” On Saturday September 7th, EpiPhonix will be hosting an all age event featuring live performances from Elias and other Portland, Oregon based talent such as Aiden Moore, RC $pitta,  FLVX Society, Cooper Glass and more. The effort and determination these two put in to create and produce music while balancing high school (soon to be college) is applaud worthy but hosting their own concert while they have the time together and put on local artists is just out of hand. Give it up for Elias and Itay, The EpiPhonix. They have big plans kept under lock and key.

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Watch  “Dollars & Change” Music Video



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