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Before graduating high school this June , hiphop artist/songwriter/producer Elias released a single called “Just a Little Lovin’ ft. Millz,” the track was mix and mastered by beatmaker/producer/manager Itay Lerner. This single is a teaser for an upcoming release. Together, Elias and Itay call themselves Epiphonix and are based in Portland Oregon. The song instrumentals will keep you alive while both MCs packed their verses with playful rhyme schemes. The instrumental track is from influential jazz artist Carmen McRae. The song can be downloaded HERE, the rest of his work can be found on the right side bar as well!

Elias’ FaceBook can be found HERE. Elias does not disappoint in lyrical talent and content.

Elias Update screencap

Friday 1:42 am- I checked Facebook and Itay sent me this photo. For more than over a year, Itay and I have been connecting with each other and informing each other of upcoming projects and current agendas. Over the last week, he has informed me that the group has been producing a video to accompany an upcoming project. I was very elated to receive a visual of the soon to be released visual! Not too long ago Itay and Elias started, Blue Pointe Productions, a management group/label with visual production managed by Stephen Anderson and Michael Dorner.

“… we’re really pushing to get stuff out. I’d rather wait then put out poor quality but the second we drop something it is gonna be new material nonstop. We are going to flood the world with Elias.” – Itay

This summer more material will be released from this group so don’t sleep on them! As a fan and partner of them, its been amazing to hear them grow since their first work “The Burnside Chronicles” mixtape. These two are hungry for success and don’t plan on stopping soon. This is why we support them!

Again DON’T SLEEP ON THIS GROUP, like their page PLEASE! Elias Facebook

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