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Cody first started out as a skateboard cinematographer after breaking his ankle while skating. Pursuing it seriously since 2011, he has filmed at almost every single skate spot in Los Angeles and adopted “BuddhaFilms” as his professional online pseudonym. He has made professional connections and collected contacts of skaters over the years. Recently, Cody started pursuing photography and in short time, is again building a name for himself. This article will serve as the first of many installments on our site/blog featuring 17 year-old photographer Cody Le. Every two weeks to a month, a set of photos taken by and hand selected by Cody, will be featured. The photos can range from his starting work to his most recent favorites, so please enjoy the first installment of Cody Le’s Feature Photos! Expect other projects to come! Find him on Instagram (@buddhafilms) and his website is www.CodyLePhotos.com






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