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Yesterday, the talented Elias released a new single called “Nada.” This is one track out of more than a dozen unreleased songs that the Epiphonix (Musician Elias and Engineer Itay) have been working on since the release of the summer album “Rosé.”  Click the cover to  art to listen to “Nada.” A very smooth track with a rally-like hook that will really catch your ear.

“I call the shots no squabbling, You still lookin’ up from the bottom.” – ELIAS

Nada Cover

Along with this single release, the boys at Epiphonix are already filming and finishing up the official music video for “Animal,” a very “in-your-face” and reassuring track of  Elias’ lyrical ambition and talent.  Even not too long ago, Elias dropped another single just after the release of Rosé, titled “Questions,” which he “attacks the issues of genesis and understanding of the uncontrollable aspects of life.” Before this, the “Dollars & Change,” music video was released.

BIG NEWS: Elias and Itay are throwing their own end of summer garden concert called “EpiFest.” On Saturday September 7th, EpiPhonix will be hosting an all age event featuring live performances from Elias and other Portland, Oregon based talent such as Aiden Moore, RC $pitta,  FLVX Society, Cooper Glass and more. The effort and determination these two put in to create and produce music while balancing high school (soon to be college) is applaud worthy but hosting their own concert while they have the time together and put on local artists is just out of hand. Give it up for Elias and Itay, The EpiPhonix. They have big plans kept under lock and key.

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Watch  “Dollars & Change” Music Video



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This time we were able to get another set of hand picked photos and Q & A with Cody Le. For this feature, we cover his recent experiences and upcoming projects.

Uphustle: What have you been up to?

Cody: Man, I just been shooting a ton of photos. In the process of making photo tees too. It’s a lot of work but I know it’ll be worth it in the future.

Uphustle: Your latest shoots aren’t skating photos, so how are you getting in touch with your models?

Cody: Well, Most of the “Models ” are from Instagram, If I think you’re pretty or something then I’ll just be like let’s do a photo shoot and it all goes from there. Haha.

Uphustle: How did you go from photographing skateboarders to models?

Cody: I started shooting models because I got a bit bored with skateboarding and just wanted to try something fun and new so why not shoot photos of pretty girls? It’s every 17 years old kids dream hahaha.

Uphustle: Who has been your favorite to work with so far?

Cody: I like shooting with all of them because each girl has there own personality and its always something different and fun every shoot.

Uphustle: What is it like working with women instead of men?

Cody: Working with Women is super fun but shooting with Men’s is also super tight too!

Aside from working with a new type of clientele, Cody is currently experimenting with producing hard copy prints of his photo work. He has now started his senior year of high school and does not plan to slow his pace. Instead he plans to heavily pursue his camera work and develop and print his own photo printed t-shirts. Expect more photos from him and possible a video project as well!

See more of his work on his website and tumblr- &

Please take a look and enjoy the work of Cody Le AKA “BuddhaFilms.” Follow in on Instagram: @buddhafilms

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dollars and change banner copyEarly this morning, Elias released the final edit of the music video to his song “Dollars & Change.”

The first visual project to follow his latest album “Rosé,” which you can stream and  download HERE.

The video directed by Foreground films, introduces Elias as a business man on his way to work. After being tailed, his briefcase is stolen on a coffee break. After chasing the masked assailant who eventually gets away, a frustrated Elias gets a call to meet up with Itay and Millsz.  Elias later encounters the mask man as Itay and the video soon ends. Through the story line of the music video, the meaning behind “Dollars & Change,” is visualized- money shouldn’t change you to be someone you’re not.
Watch the video now! Go download his album “Rosé” and like Elias’ Facebook Page.

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Cody first started out as a skateboard cinematographer after breaking his ankle while skating. Pursuing it seriously since 2011, he has filmed at almost every single skate spot in Los Angeles and adopted “BuddhaFilms” as his professional online pseudonym. He has made professional connections and collected contacts of skaters over the years. Recently, Cody started pursuing photography and in short time, is again building a name for himself. This article will serve as the first of many installments on our site/blog featuring 17 year-old photographer Cody Le. Every two weeks to a month, a set of photos taken by and hand selected by Cody, will be featured. The photos can range from his starting work to his most recent favorites, so please enjoy the first installment of Cody Le’s Feature Photos! Expect other projects to come! Find him on Instagram (@buddhafilms) and his website is






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Happy Belated 4th of July! We hope you had a fun and safe night watching your local fireworks.

rose cover

Yesterday, beatmaker/producer/engineer Itay Lerner of Blue Pointe Productions informed me that the project him and Elias have been working (See Previous Article) on would drop later in the evening. At 7:00 pm, he messaged me it had just dropped. The summer oriented, 15 track album entitled “Rosé” did not disappoint. The album can be downloaded on HERE, through Elias’ Bandcamp account. It can be downloaded for FREE if you input $0.00, but please if you are able to, do your best to support these guys! The album is brought to you by The Epiphonix (Elias and Itay) and Blue Pointe Productions.

If you’ve been sleeping on them, you better get yourself antiquated.

The Tracklist

  1. One Life (Prod. Oscar Freely)
  2. Bambino (Prod. by Mr. Mayes)
  3. English ft. Chip Locke (Street Talkin’)
  4. Just A Little Lovin’ ft. Millsz
  5. All these Words (Prod. by Lius Fader)
  6. Abe Lincoln (Prod. by Rams)
  7. Fight The Power ft. Wes Guy (Prod. by Rams)
  8. Goddamn (Prod. by Rams)
  9. Daily Routine
  10. The Equinox (Prod. by Lil Cabey)
  11. L.O.V.E. (Prod. by Daniel Scenery)
  12. Animal (Prod. by Rams)
  13. Way of Thought (Prod. by Mr.Procheck)
  14. Beef Stroganoff (Prod. by JocTheProducer)
  15. Dollars & Change (Prod. by Apollo Gold)

Start from “One Life” to “Dollars & Change” and you will pick up motifs of ambition, overcoming struggles and social adversity, success, and transitioning from adolescence to adulthood of Elias’ recent life. For a hip-hop artist, his lyrical style handles, if not MURDERS the beat, and still packed with content and is only 18. This ambitious content and success-based mindset needs to spread to influence the upcoming generations. Other than the positive vibes, it is clear Elias composed material based on personal topics about his life. Regardless of what mood the lyrics give off, each track is  accompanied by an appropriate beat. You might even be caught off guard by some, because they have SLAP! The songs with features should definitely be paid attention too as well. Every track serves its own purpose while still complementing the album was a whole. This album is complete fire based on the composition, production quality, and artist creativity. You will realize the project is light years beyond  anything mainstream the way Elias and Itay are stepping out of their industry’s comfort zone. They are going to be one of the music groups responsible  for putting Portland on the map as an outlet of hip-hop music.

If you have not yet heard their previous work “Late Nights & Garden Buds” please click HERE to get a FREE Download! His Facebook Page and the Blue Pointe Productions Website.

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Just a lil lovin cover


Before graduating high school this June , hiphop artist/songwriter/producer Elias released a single called “Just a Little Lovin’ ft. Millz,” the track was mix and mastered by beatmaker/producer/manager Itay Lerner. This single is a teaser for an upcoming release. Together, Elias and Itay call themselves Epiphonix and are based in Portland Oregon. The song instrumentals will keep you alive while both MCs packed their verses with playful rhyme schemes. The instrumental track is from influential jazz artist Carmen McRae. The song can be downloaded HERE, the rest of his work can be found on the right side bar as well!

Elias’ FaceBook can be found HERE. Elias does not disappoint in lyrical talent and content.

Elias Update screencap

Friday 1:42 am- I checked Facebook and Itay sent me this photo. For more than over a year, Itay and I have been connecting with each other and informing each other of upcoming projects and current agendas. Over the last week, he has informed me that the group has been producing a video to accompany an upcoming project. I was very elated to receive a visual of the soon to be released visual! Not too long ago Itay and Elias started, Blue Pointe Productions, a management group/label with visual production managed by Stephen Anderson and Michael Dorner.

“… we’re really pushing to get stuff out. I’d rather wait then put out poor quality but the second we drop something it is gonna be new material nonstop. We are going to flood the world with Elias.” – Itay

This summer more material will be released from this group so don’t sleep on them! As a fan and partner of them, its been amazing to hear them grow since their first work “The Burnside Chronicles” mixtape. These two are hungry for success and don’t plan on stopping soon. This is why we support them!

Again DON’T SLEEP ON THIS GROUP, like their page PLEASE! Elias Facebook

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Over the last two weeks, we held an Instagram Giveaway (seen on our homepage). Participants entered the raffle by reposting the flyer and tagging friends. The lot of names was plugged into a “Random Name Picker” website and a winner was chosen. Congratulations to Alex Aaron! He’ll get to start his summer of with two free tees of his choice is get a hat too!

Alex skateboards with his friends in his free time. We wish you the best of success!

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At the beginning of this month of June, we released the Look Book for our Summer 2013 releases. Our model and musician, Little Panther (SoundCloud), who is a talented song writer/producer/rapper from Orange County. She will be touring this summer as well!  Photographed by our artist Jay Cho, who also took an active role designing the collection,  the look book itself is composed of  a cover page and ten photos that display the gear. Click here to view the look book.

All tees are printed on 100% Cotton tees, manufactured from scratch in the USA, Tag-less printing also.

Our Summer 2013 Release is composed of our first official head wear piece, three t-shirts, and one tank top. Our hat is a 5 Panel Camp Hat with an “UPHUSTLE” embroidered design on the front panel. Leather strap closure and metal mesh vents- NO PLASTIC! Two different color variations available. 5panels both view






Our “Developed by the 90′s” tee follows the concept that the future and emerging leaders in any industry will be from my generation of the 90′s. This slogan/concept/design will become one of our “capsules” that will be seen in the future! Available in two different color variations. Front and Back printing. S LB13 pg 3




The “Vintage Stamp” tee displays our two slogans and establishment date with a faded diamond print.Available  on a silver shirt. Jay got that shot perfect, Little Panther fixing her chain.S LB13 pg 2





The “Master Mind” tee displays a branding sign of Uphustle’s Mastermind Trade Association,” a group of individuals who share similar goals and aims of success. We are affiliated with musicians, skaters, and visual artists and we belief your trade will probably fall under and can most defiantly join that group of trades. Everyone has talent that can be an asset to the S LB 13 pg 8world. Grey ink printed on chest and full on the back.



Our Basic Logo is black printed on a MINT tank top. It can also be found in red ink on a white t-shirt. Low in stock!!

S LB13 pg 7





View Our Shop     Tees are only $19.99 and the 5-Panels are too! All orders come with stickers!

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